Steve Aubrey has been supported by Countess Mountbatten Hospice for nearly two years.

The 59 year old, who has prostate cancer, was referred to the hospice for gym sessions after having 18 weeks of chemotherapy.

He had little strength in his body and felt like his life was in crisis.

It was physically and emotionally draining and it was a very low moment in my life.

I could barely walk, I was so weak and I could do nothing around the house.

Gentle exercises at the hospice progressed to more rigorous gym work as Steve began to build up his strength.

He was also got involved in a new all-male group, Build and Banter, which was aimed at men with serious health conditions to come together to speak freely about their experiences.

Today, Steve still attends most weeks.

The support of Countess Mountbatten has been invaluable to Steve, who, while his cancer is terminal, is looking ahead to a happy future.

He recently got married to his partner of ten years, Sally, and the couple invited guests to leave donations to the hospice instead of buying them a gift, which raised nearly £2,000.

The hospice means a huge amount to both Sally and me.

I knew about Countess Mountbatten before I started going there but I didn’t know much. I was so surprised by how much it does.

Sally and I have got everything we want and we would like to support Countess Mountbatten for all the work it does helping people like me, and many others through its different services.

However you can support us to help more people live Steve, thank you!

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